The DNA of Robots is Real and It’s Here Today!

If you haven’t hear the term BitCoin, that you probably wouldn’t have ended up on this page, but none the less: BitCoin is a Digital Currency.

If maybe you’ve heard the term ‘Block Chain Currency’  but makes you think” WTF is That”?? Take a second to go read this post I wrote on, in 5 minutes you’ll know everything you need to.

Bitcoin is the Currency, but it’s based on foundational technology which is called the Block Chain. All you really need to know for the purpose of this post is:

Every BitCoin (or Unit of BlockChain) contains within it, a record of every transaction for every coin, from the origin of the Block.

In other words: Every BitCoin holds within it, a record of every time any BitCoin has ever changed ownership in the History of BitCoin.

You can think of this as a fingerprint for every previous transaction so that future transactions can validate the one thats about to be made. I can do so by comparing the BlockChain of any two coins. Now that’s over supplication but it’s just for the purpose of understanding.

Imagine for a second that the BlockChain is actually your thumbprint extremely unique and so unique that it will almost never be duplicated, although even if it were duplicated it would probably be in a much different generation, at a much different time, and unmatched of the context.

Taking the idea of a fingerprint we can imagine that I have a unique something.

Now, if I were to take a copy of my thumbprint and put one copy on a mountaintop in China and put another on a mountain top in Utah, we would assume that if I compared the two they would still be the same. Distance, in this case, had no effect on the substance. Then imagine I place a black dot on 1 copy. The dot is precisely measured from the edges so it can be replicated as exactly the same size and exactly same place. No matter who sees the replica copy, they will get the same picture. Then when those two pictures are compared to each other, laid on top or side-by-side they should be identical to one another, as if the fingerprint hadn’t changed. Before the dot was added (the BlockChain being made aware of a new transaction) the two pictures wouldn’t not lineup which would send up a red flag that one had been changed.

The same principals are used to make sure BitCoins actually make it into your wallet. They take two copies of what should be an identical transaction history and compare them to each other.

They make sure to take copies of the BlockChain (any individual BitCoin that has been spent after your transaction) and look for the record of a transaction that moved money (BitCoins) into your wallet. Technically, it would be possible to trick the next two transactions into both believing that yours was valid. But, it wouldn’t be possible to do that using BitCoins from a random location to check against yours, only using a Faked BlockChain that would have to be created beforehand – and therefore cant make it into the pool of validated transactions.

So, if the thumbprint exists in China & Utah at the same time, and they’re not identical the Chain would be notified of the discrepancy and those transactions rolled back. This is specifically why most large transactions require that two validations occur after the transaction before releasing the goods for the transaction that is occurring. .

Where the fingerprint analogy starts today, it also ends. The fact that your fingerprint is unique doesn’t carry the history of your grandparents and parents. The Block Chain does. They possess all of the transactions and all of the hash information from every single transaction to ever occur over the network previously.

Since the BlockChain carry the history, a more appropriate analogy would be DNA.

DNA has the properties of all of its previous ancestors prior to this point in its evolution. AND from this point it will carry forward our new transaction for our current generation. AND all child generations that spring from us in the future.

DNA and the BlockChain are also similar in that, when your DNA replicates( because you’re creating new cells which keep us alive) all the copies of DNA are replicated onto the new cell. If the DNA copy happens to be malformed it’s not exactly the same as the copy came from, DNA has the power to clean itself up using RNA. Then it produces essentially the exact same sequence that it should’ve had in the beginning.

The BlockChain that BitCoins are based on have the same capability.

The second or third generation from now will be able to verify across the network whether or not the transaction was valid. In that respect, our DNA is able to compare itself to two or three other segments that should be identical. If it is not, a function lists your three other segments known to be  identical to each other, but not identical to it. Then it has enough information to figure out exactly how to fix itself. Fixing the problem means to make its own BitCoin’s BlockChain history become identical to the other copies if of its DNA.

It’s not until we start to combine that with the TransHumanist movement that’s going on & the ability for prosthetic limbs to actually transmit senses like pressure, touch, and feel, that the true implications of watching are really unveiled.

If we were to create a software that can record it’s replications, modifications, changes, updates, and upgrades that were recorded in code it could be recorded forever in the block chain itself. All changes would HAVE TO INCLUDE  all the previous changes. I can imagine that life, having formed from possibly single cells on this planet, had created a BlockChain that we called DNA. That we use in our own body without our knowledge, constantly, every millisecond of every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

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  1. Jane says:

    For noen fantastisk nydelige bilder i alle de siste innleggene dine, og du har jo bare de vakreste babr.a..(nortsett fra mine…hahaha) Klarer ikke helt velge men anno 2008 var særs fine da!!!Og H. er jo blitt sÃ¥ lys:)) Kjempekjekt Ã¥ se;)Ha en strÃ¥lende uke!!!

  2. it’s a big step in modern technological processing! thanks for sharing!

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